Self similarities

Let’s start this post by stating quite clearly that I am no physicist, I am probably not saying anything that has not been thought of before and I do not claim any of this as science. Let us call this philosophical poetry about the existence of everything.

There are things in our world that are easily observable programs that appear in nature. Things like the Golden Ratio matching a snail shell’s spiral. Here is an example that I found of black coral growths matching the patterns in an acacia tree and a fern that follows an obvious repeating pattern of scale:

These things can be reproduced with computer programs like fractals. Some might even say that it can explain the formation of life itself and suggests that life throughout the universe might not be as rare as we think. This lead me to think about another set of self similarities. From the tiny quark through the living cell, solar system and up to the universe these spherical structures seem to repeat in increments of scale. Below in an illustration to demonstrate that point:

Trust me, the turtle belongs there. My romantic theory about the existence of everything is that this scale of self similarities extends infinitely in both directions of scale, big and small. This means there are particles that make up a quark and particles that make up those things and so on, and that the universe is itself a particle of something bigger. I have no evidence to back this up other than the precedence set by the similarities that we can observe. I also challenge that we as humans like to thing of things in terms of a beginning and end and that everything has those two things. Consider the possibility that there was no beginning of time, there will be no end of time and everything that our universe is composed of has always been there in one form or another and always will be. It may, just as an atom, be sundered apart and shared by other things in a different incarnation but infinite entirety of everything will always be and always has been and this truth exists on every level of scale.

Or maybe I am just trying to make your brains hurt.



  1. Anonymous says:

    you should read “The Elegant Universe” By Greene

  2. Maybe it is the propensity of the human mind to seek out patterns – even where they don’t exist?

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