Shaken, not stirred

The holiday season once again engulfs us in a soft blanket of friends, family, food and fuel consumption. Of course, for most of us this means that we schedule around which families we will spend certain portions of our holiday time with. I think this year will be Xmas at my sister’s house in Pasa Robles, then my grandparents want to go out on the boat for her maiden voyage, I am shooting for Friday, and then the weekend I will shoot up to Pollock Pines to visit my Dad. That’s the plan anyway.

My friend Justin let me in on his gift exchange idea. This year he is buying himself something from me and I am buying myself something from him. That way we get exactly what we wanted from each other, we don’t spend more than we can afford and it works out great for everyone. I let him know that he got me Chrono Trigger for the DS. He has not opened his present from me yet but I am dying to see what I got him.

The life of a grocery store clerk seems interesting to me. Each person that comes to the counter with an armful of groceries they are (likely) required to ask, “How is your day today?” I imagine they mostly get some dry response like, “Okay,” or maybe some discussion of their personal problems that the store clerk doesn’t really care about and wishes through the whole thing that the person had taken it as a rhetorical question and should get on with swiping their cards and not hold up the line. I love responding with, “Outstanding!”, “Fantastic!” or, “Absolutely awesome!” Believe it or not, those are not common responses.

In other news I am almost level 76. I bought a book called Old Man’s War which has put the reading bug back in me.



  1. Based on your recommendation, I took the little ones to purchase Chrono Trigger for the little ones. Quote: ‘it pwns. thx thx thx’.

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