Soup of the Line

Last weekend my friend VeLois came to visit. We went to the Lighted Boat Parade at the Santa Cruz Harbor. It was not a long walk. Before we made the trek to an event that was previously unknown to us, we managed to comfortably seat 10 people on the boat at the same time. After the light show we went to Mike and Jackie’s place for some drinks and games. The best thing to happen was watching Mark Dowdy battle with a freezer drawer:

It is now my 12 day living aboard officially. So far I have encountered very little in the way of problems.

The inside of the V berth gets a lot of condensation that then drips its icy manifestation back down on me. This only happens if I choose not to use the space heater, which I am not avoiding much anymore. I am beginning to think the flat fee for utilities for liveaboards had this specifically in mind.

The windsurfer that I used previously to enhance my internet signal ended up being too impractical for my situation. It required that I have the entire bridge set outside the boat which meant subjecting it to a bad amount of moisture. I would have to bring it inside at night and it made a mess of the wiring situation. I did some research and went to Santa Cruz Electronics on a lark. To my surprise they had the pigtail, the outdoor high gain antenna and the adapter to connect it all up. Now the router and bridge are all neatly tucked away and the internet works great!

I am having Captain Joe come aboard tomorrow and take a look at everything. He likes to do that before giving lessons I gather. I will try to be prepared with my laundry list of questions.

Also, the folks at NextSpace have decided that we should start the recession a little early. We shall henceforth follow each statement with the phrase, “in these troubled economic times”. Also, if the subject of food comes up, we will be going to the “soup line”. All joking aside, as an unintended positive effect of my new house is that I am probably better set to deal with a true recession than most. The self-sufficient nature and low economic demands could come in handy in the coming storm.

In other news, my new mailing address is 101 Cooper St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.



  1. *bonks on head* you misspelled my first name.

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