So this weekend and I are going to meet up with Eden, Justin and Jen down south and visit two places. Medieval Times and Knott’s Scary Farm! It should be a blast.

In other news, I am actually moved now and slept for the first time in my own bed in my own room in Santa Cruz. For some reason that was the soundest sleep I have had in two years. I’ll be working now on relocating in Livermore to a smaller room for the work weeks. I am spinning more regularly at The Box now. This Halloween I am dressing up as a Smurf. Vanity Smurf to be exact. I’m not sure what exactly that says about me, but maybe instead of a mirror in my hand I should be holding a laptop editing my website, because after all I suppose a self-promoting egotistical public online journal is about as vain as it gets. The day after that and I will be at the Day of the “undead” Masquerade Ball at the Circus.

Music pick: Grid “Music for Dancing” – The definitive source of Texas techno.

Movie pick: Kill Bill – Can’t say enough about how great this movie was. I thought I would be turned off by an overwhelming “girl kicking ass” theme. Instead I was thoroughly impressed by the stylistic approach of mimicking bad 70′s film-making and Japanese animation style images put to live action. The out-of-sequence chapters effectively pieced together the film and by the end when the credits rolled I was mentally gripping the back of the seat in front of me screaming, “There’s more and I want to see it! Show me! Aaaagh!”

Game pick: Magic: The Gathering Pulled out my boxes and boxes of cards and started up some games with Brian over some beers and an unfortunate tasting bottle of whisky. Planning on future encounters.

Web pick: Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! Support this worthy cause.


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