Strange boat dream

To date I have had a few strange dreams sleeping on my boat, not the least of which is a dream where I wake up and the boat is filling with water. Last night I had a strange one and for some reason I am remembering it in every detail.

I decide that I am going to take my boat out using the engine but I cannot remember all of the switches I am supposed to flip on to get it started. I think I have it right and go ahead and fire it up. Flames shoot out the back of a rocket engine type opening in the back. I jump out into the water which is only a few feet deep and adjust the fuel to air ratio using a knob outside the boat until the flame is bright blue. I get back in the boat to maneuver it through a dystopian tunnel full of dirty looking people who could have been cast for the movie Waterworld. The engine is acting up a bit so I pull over to ask someone for help. A kind man with only two bottom teeth offers to take a look at it while I talk to a friend about my mission. As I get the details of this mission for which I am ordered to go to another world, I turn my attention back to my boat. The engine is now completely disassembled and separated by saran wrap. I look around and there is the two-toothed man and he shrugs and says, “I thought that’s what you wanted me to do.”

I try re-assembling the engine but I am losing many of the ball bearings and bolts as they slip from my fingers into the dust, garbage and water. I ask the man to put it all back together for me and he agrees while I follow my friend to go on this mission. He takes me to a stargate and we walk through to another world. It is nighttime there and I am following a row of troops wearing body armor and brandishing M-16s. They take me to a stronghold where I converse with everyone there about my new boating hobby and the ill-fated encounter with the two-toothed mechanic. The general approaches everyone in the center of the room and says, “Enemy forces are on their way!”

He turns to me and tells me to assemble the pulse cannon. I go to work unfolding the tripod and mounting the cannon barrel but the pieces don’t fit together very well. It seems like something is missing. I see a line of troops moving past the glass walls, the general turns on the flood lights and an alarm sounds. A firefight begins and I still cannot get the pulse cannon together. The general declares that the stronghold is lost and we are to retreat to the stargate. I pick up all of the parts of the pulse cannon, lest it fall into enemy hands. We all walk back to the stargate. On the way we pass a shop. My dad steps out of the shop and asks us where we are going. I tell him we are retreating from the planet. He smiles and says, “See you later!”

The pulse cannon is really awkward to carry and I wish someone would help me with it.

Yep, that’s about it.



  1. well it is very clear what this means and I cant believe you posted such a dream

  2. “Anonymous” sounds like some random dickhead.

    That business about both the engine and the pulse cannon being in pieces might mean you are feeling scattered. Maybe due to having two living places? Your difficulty assembling them might reflect the difficulty in getting your new home “assembled”.

    That’s what jumps out at me, based on what I know of your current life. But I am no expert, or even amateur, dream interpreter.

  3. I am pretty sure it is about me being afraid to take the boat out yet because I need more experience. It bugs me, I want to take it out. Need to wait for more moola to come in to get the lessons though. Just timing.

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