Swish and Flick

I’m now a fencer! Mike and I in fact are now called “fencing instructors” which is quite fancy. I have picked it up fairly well, well enough to teach it at any rate. Killed myself this weekend fencing at the Ren Faire. Had a great time. Met new people, made new friends. My plan is working perfectly! Mwaahahahahaha!!!

Visited Adrenachrome last week and it was nice. Might have a guest DJ spot there soon, should be cool. Also planning on going to Wasteland this week and may have a spot there next month which is awesome. Spun at The Box last week as well. It’s nice to do this again.

Friday the 30th is the big ol birthday party. Going to go see Serenity with everyone who wants to go. Browncoats 4 eva! Details coming soon.


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