Swords to plowshares

I had a dream last night that I got my Katana in the mail and I was hanging out in Eugene’s back yard with the samurai from Yojimbo and when I pulled the sword out of the sheath (which was a piece of cloth) it was two strips of cheap sheet metal squished together with one edge ground to be a rough serrated edge by a grinder or something and it was flimsy and just sort of flopped out the end of the hilt and layed on the ground. It was one of those very real feeling dreams too. So I woke up and sat in bed for a while dissapointed in the quality of this katana I’d ordered, but then to my great relief I realized that it was just a dream and I had nothing to worry about, except that it hasn’t come in the mail yet. I guess I am worried that it’s going to be one of those cheap decorative swords that’s finished in chrome and couldn’t be sharpened for anything. I did my research though. The guy who I ordered it from actually called me and said that they had to put new warning labels on the packaging because they were super sharp. Oooh, want a link? Mark V Field Katana + cryo tempering. So, super excited about it. Why? Who knows, it’s a guy thing. It’s not like I’m going to go on a public killing spree or something, it’s just always been something I’ve wanted to have. I’m a nut, I know.


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