The fruits of my labors

So the fruits of the last 4 months of brewing are coming to a head now, and what a foamy wonderful head it is. Between my roommate Jordan and I we have had up to 35 gallons of homebrew fermenting in our laundry room. Now some of these creations, such as the infamous Wasabi Pale Ale turned out tasting like fermented barf. Some others, like the Jasmine Grean Tea Mead came out beautifully and are now dutifully ejecting themselves from my kegerator into my quaffing container of choice. Some more brews waiting in like to be consumed: Golden Ale, Orange Tea Wine, a couple of fruit ciders and a Hefe by Jordan. Also my sister asked me to make a couple batches for her… upcoming wedding in September. Boy do the years fly by. Anyway, I will leave you with this parting image of one of the coolest things you’ll ever see.


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