Ok so maybe it isn’t a shindig, maybe it is just an excuse to get together, drink, goof off, and have fun. Hey wait, I don’t need an excuse to do that!! Theme of the party? Fanboy’s in the Hood. Dress as your favorite geek err star/cartoon/action/whatever. Be it someone from Star Trek or Alice in Wonderland. Be prepared to be mocked however if we see fit. Of course Aaron and I will be dressed up as well, so feel free to mock. You are however expected to contact me or Mike Donegan or even Aaron in some way to get approval of your invite. We do after all want to make sure everyone present can have fun with anyone else who shows. My email is I will also send out more emails giving directions, phone number, what to bring, bla bla bla. Hope to see who gets there invites at the party, and if you didnt get one/want one then ask(We reserve the right to refuse service or entrance to any and every party we please)


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