Things I would like to do

Kevin, the Ragged Clown, made a list of things that he wants to get done in his lifetime. What a great idea! Certainly not a new idea, but something I should certainly be doing. Without further adieu, here is my list (subject to change).

Things to do:
- Survive in the wild alone for 7 days
- Sail to Monterey
- Sail to Baha
- Sail to Hawaii
- Sail around the world
- Own a tall ship
- Get a tattoo
- Visit
– Scotland
– England
– Ireland
– France
– Australia
– Amsterdam
– Germany
- Learn to fly a plane
- Own a motorcycle
- Join a secret society
- Search for treasure

Things to make:

- Submarine
- Underground house
- Viking long hall
- Gun
- Sword
- Modern armor
- Car


  1. My list was as much backwards-looking as forward-looking. I felt less of a failure when I saw how many I was able to check off.

    I thought of the Bucket List when I was typing, but I thought even more of a poster that my cube neighbour Peppermint Pattie used to have. The goals were much more modest (like: leave a dollar where a child will find it) than Big Heroic Deeds.

  2. "leave a dollar where a child will find it"


  3. Hey, ya wanna start a Secret Society with me?

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