Vacation Day 2

Okay, so I’m posting it a bit late. I was frantically sitting at home vegitating and there was no possible way for me to make it from my couch to the computer to write this before now. Day 2 went a little something like this:

At tyhe laundrymat

At Adam’s place

At Cafe Cruz

At The Poet and the Patriot

At Palomar, Adam’s first tequila shot

Preparing the Irish Car Bombs

Drinking the Irish Car Bombs.

A note here that at this time, Jordan (in the middle) and I had somehow boasted that we could out drink the other and madness insued including shots of Bushmill’s, more beer and more car bombs.

Here is later that night in the midnight showing of Orgazmo as a result

Now I’m off to Brian’s party where madness will surely ensue.


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