Vacation time! Day 1

Whew, an odd feeling jumping in the car with a bag full of dirty laundry and all my camping gear. I’m ready to do anything I want to, travel anywhere. I’m free, at least until after Labor Day. I thought maybe I’d go to Vegas. Might even still do that. Woo! It’s neat, I’m on vacation.

Day 1: Thursday, goofed off at work, packed, drove to San Fran, went on a great date. Went to dinner at a viatnamese restaurant called The Slanted Door. That was really yummy. I had squid stuffed with pork and some riesling. Then went to a goth event called Restoration. Lots of cute people there, had fun watching them dance. End of night.

This morning I woke up and slept some more, woke up again… some more dozing, okay, I’m really going now. Hopped in the car and writing this blog from a laundromat called Wired. They had soap, an ATM, computer and the washing machine. Everything I really needed!

Tonight is a midnight showing of Orgazmo. I think the The Peanut Circus house is going and I think I will as well. Want to meet up with Adam at some point cause we have important stuff to chat about.

Here is a bit for you, just for fun.

Web link of the week: Home Star Runner. If you haven’t seen this before, please, please, PLEASE check out Strong Bad’s emails. Man, that’s some funny stuff.

Okay, hope to update again soon.


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