Okay, I am a little sad about something. Fortunately, I am taking steps to protect my sanity with a little something called “krypto-revisionism“. Here is the plan:

Phase 1:

- I find out the dimensions of the packaging and the unit itself.
- I create a case-mod/skin for the unit and a custom made box for the packaging.

Phase 2:

- I have someone put it on pre-order for me by asking that person to put a “Nintendo SomeCoolName” on pre-order.

Phase 3:

- The unit arrives.
- The person who is helping me will go to the store, purchase the unit, take it out of the box, take out all the manuals, put the case-mod on the unit and put it in the new custom packaging.

Phase 4:

- I walk into the store and ask the person who is helping me, who is now posing as the store clerk at the store, to sell me the “Nintendo SomeCoolName”.
- I purchase the unit and happily go home with it, knowing full well that I did not buy something with that other name that does not exist.



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  3. I can see I may have to disable comments on this post because someone is having a keyboard malfunction… related to two letters who are damn near being krypto-revised off my laptop.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aw, poor widdle Aawon does not like the name “Wii”. Poor, poor Aaron. (STFU and get over it already.)

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