We need professional help

So Mr. Anonymous the Hun, I am guessing by the way that you are not backing down from anything you say it must be my good buddy Lucky. Thank you very much for your comments. In the future, let us keep comments on topic and suggestions on icon modification in email. ;)

Well, now that we have that out of the way, and I have MORE appropriately modified my icon, let us move on to some more enlightening conversation. The trip. It seems now that my compatriots, due to no fault of their own (new jobs for each of them meaning low cash flow and/or little vacation time) are probably backing out of their plan to travel to Europe. You know… I have been cooking ramen and potatoes since last month to save money for the vacation 5 months from now. I really, really, really want to go. So, if you are out there listening, please think of the midgets. If this gets put off for one year, that slippery slope leads to never going. So, anyone out there want to travel? ASR LFG 4 Europe. Have L31 Bachelor, LF 1-5 more L21+.

A new thing for me. I have not GMed a pen-and-paper RPG since I was very little. Lately I have been writing lore and … things for a world to play in. Very interesting. I have experienced a wide variety of GM styles through my life, enough to generate opinions on “how I would do things” and I think I have finally hit on the ultimate game. When I have enough lore and content built up I plan to unleash it upon any who would dare entertain the thought.


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