What a crazy week!

Wednesday I got a chance to murder Mike Donegan, well part of him anyway. Specifically the part of him that wasn’t allowed to brew or imbibe beer. That was a good time.

Day after that of course was St. Patty’s day. Starting in the wee hours of the afternoon Jordan and I set up camp next to the Guinness station that Mike D was manning diligently. This accomplished three things. 1) We got a table and chairs before the place was overflowing to the point of a fire hazard as it always does. 2) We got to eat these fantastic corned beef sandwiches and potatoes right before they ran out. 3) We got our beer count up past the 15 mark by the end of the night. How did we know this after 15+ beers? We counted our schwag.

Two days after that there was a HUGE and FANTASTIC party at Mike D’s house again (funny, his name keeps popping up). This time we resurrected him from the beyond and bore him into his new life! So many cool and strange things happened there, and I can barely recall them.

Speaking of this wonderful party at this wonderful house, I am moving in there. I know, I know. I know what you are going to ask because it’s the same thing everyone asks. “Does that mean Mike D and Aaron are going to be living in the same house?” Why yes, that would be correct. Okay, okay, I can see the shock written all over your face, but be assured that though you can expect many wonderful adventures ahead as a result of this, we promise to keep all of the continents on the planet exactly as we found them. In the words of Homer the Wise, “It was like that when I got here.”

In other news, we dusted that keg of Paulners Salvatore at the rebirth party so it’s time to start thinking of the next keg up. I’m thinking maybe some Maudite? Maybe another keg of cider. We’ll see, but we’ll see soon.

Music pick: Macross Plus Soundtrack – Time to start thinking about that club idea I have. Some nice songs on this one.

Movie/TV pick: Serenity – I can’t wait!

Game pick: World of Warcraft – This is the greatest game created by humans in the history of the universe. Will be hard to dislodge this.

Web pick: Phrase Etymology – Could spend hours reading this stuff. So interesting!


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