What a wonderful Wiikend!

Well, now that I own a Wii I feel I can be “normal” again. I am again a non-contributing member of society who only indulges himself for pure self-centered entertainment. Aaaaaahhhhhh…….

The weekend started out with a great game of Puerto Rico, followed by a rousing run of gaming with Jeff on the new console. We had a blast and we’re gettin g pretty fiesty with our gloves in Wii Boxing! The next day there were some people over and I believe we played a bunch of golf and bowling. The next day, it was Zelda all the way.

This coming week I am taking a vacation. The whole week. That’s nine days Mrs. Bueller. Brian is driving down and I have many a hijinx and shenanigan lined up for us. We’ll be playing another episode of “Shineys and Furries” which should be fun.
Also, lots of Wii. Lot’s and lots. And beer.

Much love. Namaste.

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