What I want from Santa

Just in case someone out there wants to buy me loot.

- Pitcher (for holding liquid beverages)
- Tongs. It’s silly but there seems to be a tong shortage in Santa Cruz. Okay tangent time… Every single grocery store I have gone too has every kitchen utensil but tongs. Really! They have a selection of 5 different kinds of basters…
- One of those classic green desk lamps. If you could find one in red… wowzas.
- An iPod. It could happen!!!
- A RealDoll.
- If you do get any clothing black or primary colors preferred, and make sure it is 2XL because it has to fit my icon.
- A Jigsaw.
- A drink shaker.


  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Dude, you actually wrote “realdoll”.

  2. Hey, you might think it taboo, but consider that a $6000 rubber girl is far less expensive than having a real girlfriend. They also take custom orders. I think I would order it to look like a night elf in leather armor and have a cup-holder on her head. That’d rock.

  3. You know… some of those look great… I’m not knocking the use of toys… It’s just that it strikes me as borderline morbid, you know?
    Obviously you must have one.

    Oh, and Jenn and I are discussing going with you to Europe. We will have to work out the finances…


  4. anonymous bastard says:

    Orchard Supply on 41st has tongs. I picked you up a pair. I’ll drop ‘em off when I drop off Renaldo for Jackie and Mike.

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