Who knew you could brew? Shoe?

You see.. heheh, shoe rhymes with all those other words and ehm.. Yeah. Heh heh. So anyway, last week I started an apprenticeship at a certain brewery in Los Gatos. All of you nay-sayers out there can now put your nay-saying tools back into the miscellaneous tool drawer because I really am planning on becoming a brewer. Screw that stupid computer industry and all of it’s money, and lack of physical labor and… well really, there is just a huge lack of jobs out there and the whole reason I wanted to get into the industry is because I like video games. So I sat down and pondered to myself what my favorite job would be if I had to make a career change. What do I like as much as video games? Okay, porno star did come to mind, but I would rather limit my penicillin intake to a manageable level and retain sex as one of my favorite pastimes. Beer however, I cannot get enough of so I set out to be a brewer. Thanks Dad for the killer hook up on that one! This may be a small step in a big thing if certain cards are played correctly in this big poker game we call life, or I may just schlep beer for a nondescript brewery for the rest of my days. But hey, free beer!

In other news, I am excited about the movie Troy. Yep that’s about it. Oh, and World of Warcraft, but knowing Blizzard’s (well respected) reputation for mobile release dates, that day may be a long way off. Oh, I also made this cool brewing station thing that has an oxygenator, water filter, water pump and counter flow heat exchanger, all on quick connects and it’s really cool and I just peed my pants again. That’s all for now folks!


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