Wow, what a week

So the holiday times have strolled in for a visit, but let me rewind a tad and let you all know what’s happening.

First, I finished this semester of school and I think I did alright. The class I thought I did the worst in the teacher loved my paper about non-random genetic mutation theory. The acting class was neat. For the final me and another classmate did the whitewash scene from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in honor of Mike Donnegan and his Ren Faire booth.

So now, I’m looking for a job. I’m still selling beer which is really great and I think I’m getting the hang of it, but I’ll need something more until that career blossoms. I talked to the owner of Stokes Signs and I might have a position there it sounds like, we will see.

Went to visit my grandparents in Redding and that was pretty neat. My Grandpa and my uncle Mitch both have their pilots licenses now and they both have planes. I got to fly in my grampa’s Cessna and it was coool. My uncle has a Citabria which is a little more racy and I hope to go up with him in that soon. My mom is now considering what it would take for her and Doug to get their pilot’s license and a plane. I sure hope they do because if they had a plane I’d be sure to get my license too.

That’s about it for now, until later…


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